The structure of the national education system

Since 1999, Romania is part of the Bologna Process, which is a large-scale inter-governmental cooperation to make higher education systems comparable among the 48 European member states (from Portugal to Kazakhstan and from Norway to Malta). Thus, the Romanian higher education system is structured as follows:

• 1st cycle, BA (bachelor’s degree) – 3 years (or 4 years for some programs, such as engineering)

• EU regulated professions can include BA of 5 or 6 years such as: Medical, Pharmaceutical, Dental, Veterinary or Architectural studies

• 2nd cycle, M.A.(master’s degree) – 2 years

• 3rd cycle, PhD studies – 3 years.


The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) allows you to be mobile, with the possibility of easily transferring learning outcomes between Romanian universities and foreign institutions. All Bachelor and Master programs use the ECTS system for both accumulation and transfer.

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