Our services

Our services

  1. Receiving documents
  2. Registration to the university
  3. Sending letters of acceptance
  4. Meeting with students at the airport
  5. Taking students to their accommodations

Issuance of the letter of acceptance takes at least 30 days after the submission of documents to universities.

Meeting at the airport and taking the student to their accommodations is only valid in Bucharest. In other cities, the same services are available but subject to additional evaluation.

Service fee: 20% of the annual school tuition and accommodation fee will be charged as the commission of GlobalEdu services.

Payment Plan:

  1. 100 Euros advance non-refundable payment to GlobalEdu before the registration to the university.
  2. The remaining amount will be paid after the acceptance letter is issued by the Ministry of Education.
  3. For example, if the tuition of a program is 3000 Euros, 100 Euros will be paid before the registration and 500 Euros after the issuance of the acceptance letter by the ministry of education.
  4. Some universities demand a fee named application fee ( usually between 50 and 100 Euros) when a student applies to them. If there is a such a fee, this will also be added to the amount that paid before the registration.
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