How to Apply

University Application (Bac, MSc, PhD)

Romanian universities have autonomy and the procedure and required documents to apply can slightly vary.

University application documents

Submitting the scanned documents to Globaledu as early as possible is of great importance because candidate’s acceptance to the university is based on the application order.

  1. Certified copy of high school diploma, Baccalaureate Diploma or equivalent (leaving diploma for ex.) – for undergraduate studies; plus certified copy of the graduation certificate – for postgraduate (Master or PhD) application;
  2. Certified copy of academic records of high school -for undergraduate university studies; plus university records- for postgraduate studies (Master, PhD, Doctorate)
  3. Certified copy of the Birth Certificate;
  4. Medical Record – vaccines and a certificate from the general practitioner in the country of origin, attesting that they do not suffer from any chronic or neuropsychological illnesses, contagious diseases or other illnesses not compatible with the future profession;
  5. Copy of Passport;
  6. 4 photos (passport type);
  7. Application form;


  • Some universities require authentication of all copies by the Ministry of external affairs of your country (the country which has delivered the documents) and then by the Romanian embassy in the respective country or with Apostille of Hague;
  • Others universities accept documents certified by public notary;
  • Others accept even simple copies, without being authenticated;

On your arrival in Romania you should present, all original documents of the documents mentioned above for finally enrolment.

For more information or assitance, please contact to us.

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